Photos from Pennsylvania

In these photos, the Sisters are seen in their present monastery in Elysburg PA and also during a visit to their property in Fairfield PA, where they are currently establishing a new Monastery.

Bishop Columba’s message

Today, Bishop Columba shared his thoughts on the new Carmel on his Facebook page:

In the 1980’s the Carmel closed its doors in our Diocesan town of Parkes when amalgamating with Dulwich Hill Carmel community. Despite this, after being approached by the Discalced Carmelites in Nebraska and Pennsylvania after Ecclesiastical approval from Rome and by my invitation, the Carmel (Please God) will found its foundations once again here in our Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes. It is an exciting thought to have a powerhouse of prayer in the Diocese once again, providing prayerful consolation for our clergy and Diocese who live in a vast and dry land. These nuns will live a strict life of prayer and solitude and following the Liturgical forms of 1962 (The Extraordinary Form).

But for this they will need your assistance as they will be self funding. Please check out for more details on how you can support this wonderful opportunity for the Church in Wilcannia-Forbes but also for all Australia.

Also accompanying the Bishop’s message was a photo of the front page of Sydney’s Catholic Weekly, which includes a story about the new Monastery.

Can you help us?

In order to make this new foundation a reality, we need donations!

We have already established the necessary legal entities here in Australia, in addition to obtaining the appropriate ecclesiastical authority from the Vatican. The next step is to acquire an appropriate place for the sisters to set up.

The Sisters are happy to begin their Monastery in an ordinary house, with a view to constructing a purpose-built monastery in a few years. Their principle requirement initially is a house on acreage so as to have space for privacy and solitude.

There are currently some appropriate properties available for purchase but for this we will require funds of around $850,000. 

Every dollar counts, so please go to our donation page and make a contribution.

May God reward you for your generosity.