2019-02 Landscaping.jpg

Initial improvements

After the purchase of the property at the end of 2018, various repairs were made to the humble farmhouse and the structure was made fit for purpose, before the Nuns arrived. This included fitting out the small chapel, electrical upgrades, landscaping, replacing the perimeter fence and digging a new bore. The work was completed by a small team of volunteers and local tradesmen.

Enclosure 2019.jpg

upgrades in 2019

There have been various improvements made during 2019, including adding the enclosure fencing, installing the Turn, an upgrade to the septic system and the addition of extra accommodation for postulants. The welcome rain through winter also made it possible for the Nuns to turn their attention to establishing their vegetable garden and the screening to be provided by seedlings, which were kindly donated by many benefactors.


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