Property for our new Monastery!

It is with great joy that we can share with you the wonderful news that we have exchanged contracts on the purchase of property for the new Monastery! We anticipate that settlement will occur in late November 2018, if not earlier.

The property is a suitable 20 acre block located at Mathoura, with a modest 5 bedroom home, adequate for the initial needs of the Sisters. Its purchase price of $330,000 is well below our original estimations of what we would have to outlay.

New Carmel.jpg

This is one of the final major steps before the Sisters’ arrival!

Over the coming months, we urge you to help us continue to raise the necessary funds to support the new Monastery:

1. By making a one-off donation to assist with the purchase of the property and the various start-up costs.
Thanks to the generosity of many, we have been able to proceed with the purchase of this property. However, we have a goal to provide the Sisters with the best start possible and to this end we are looking for your assistance to allow them to be debt-free from the outset.

In addition to the purchase of the property itself, there will be other costs such as the Sisters’ travel to Australia and modifications to the property, including upgrading the fences and ensuring adequate facilities for a Chapel.

Your one-off donation now can help with all of this and ensure that the Sisters are welcomed to Australia with a solid foundation!

2. By pledging your on-going support for the Sisters through regular weekly or monthly donations.
There will be various ongoing expenses that need to be covered, such as the Sisters’ day-to-day living expenses and maintenance of their property, some of which (such as rates) will commence even prior to their arrival in Australia. Most banks make it easy to set up regular electronic payments from your nominated bank account.


Your on-going support will ensure that the Sisters will have a viable future with us!

Just as importantly, we also urge you to join with us in prayer for the success of our endeavours as we draw ever nearer to the day when, God willing, the Sisters will be able to make their home here in Australia.